Wildlife Forever STATE-FISH ART Contest

Available: Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas etc
Closing Date: 3/31/2014

The STATE-FISH ART Contest is open worldwide to all children in grades K -12 in public, private or home-school, any youth group, after-school program, youth camp, scout troop, art class, etc., or just an individual kid that wants to enter! Essentially any child of K-12 age is eligible as long as a responsible adult reads, agrees to and signs their entry form.

AN ENTRY consists of a completed portfolio (see below) and a completed Entry Form (available on our website -“contest information” link).

IMPORTANT: IF you are in Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia or Texas,there are separate entry forms as the state-level Contest is judged locally. Be sure to use the correct one, so you mail your entry to the right address at the top of the form!

Use a GLUE STICK to affix the appropriate entry form to the back of the artwork. PLEASE … DO NOT STAPLE OR TAPE!

Submit the essay with the artwork but leave separate … DO NOT ATTACH IT TO THE ART. Don’t worry, we will match them up!

The entries are grouped and judged in four grade categories: Grades K-3 / Grades 4-6 / Grades 7-9 / Grades 10-12

International students are encouraged to participate. Draw any eligible state-#sh (listed on our website under “contest information” link) and write an essay to complete your portfolio. Complete a Standard Entry Form. You will be entered in the International Category.

Only one entry per child per year will be accepted.

A completed entry portfolio includes both artwork and written words.
NOTE: Grade category K-3 entries do not require an essay, but those submitted will be judged for the Fish Make You Smarter Awards.

• should depict any officially designated state-Fish or Ontario, Canada designated fish. Information on the eligible Fish, for 2014, is available
on our website – follow the “contest information” link.
• should show the fish in its natural habitat.
• should be the contestant’s original, hand-done creation and must not infringe upon any copyright laws. Photographs and computergenerated
artwork will not be accepted.
• should be HORIZONTAL, without a mat, frame or border. A loose cover sheet may be laid over the face for protection during shipping.
• should be 9”x12” and not exceed 1/4 inch in total thickness.
• techniques may include, but are not limited to, oils, scratch-board, pointillism, chalk, pastels, charcoal, colored pencil, acrylics, dry brush,
watercolor, crosshatch, lead, collage, linoleum printing, tempera and crayon. Spray chalk and pastel entries with a fixative to eliminate
scuffing & smudging.
• should not have lettering, signatures, or initials on the front of the design.

• should show the student’s personal knowledge and/or understanding of their chosen state #sh, its habitat, behavior or conservation needs.
• should be original … in the student’s own words… and may be an essay, story, poem or in any other creative form.
• should not exceed one side of one page in length.
• may be handwritten or typed, be decorated or have illustrations and/or be creative in appearance. The words should, however, be the
• should include the student’s name, grade and state on the back.
Any entry not following the guidelines above will unfortunately be disquali#ed from the competition.

All contestants and educators will receive a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ for participating in the Contest.

Fish On! a comprehensive, interdisciplinary lesson plan is available to enhance the STATE-FISH ART Contest. It is FREE to download or
order on CD. Learn more by visiting our website and – follow the “educator’s corner” link.

Educators, please complete the “Teacher/School” information before photocopying and distributing the entry form to your students.

Please type or print clearly as you complete the entry form. In addition to your contact information, be sure to include an email contact,
phone and home address for each student so we can keep in touch directly with state and national winners regarding the summer EXPO.

If you send the entries from your class to us all together in one package we will return them to you at our expense.

Entries should be mailed to the address on the top of the correct Entry Form.

Please assume responsibility for making ethics part of the overall contest. There is no room for plagiarism in artwork or essay content. Copyright laws apply.

The STATE-FISH ART Contest is not open to the immediate relatives of Wildlife Forever employees or participating sponsors. It is the student’s responsibility to inform Wildlife Forever of any change of address.

Wildlife Forever:

  • has the right to use the name, state and grade of any STATE-FISH ART contestant, without compensation, to administer and
  • promote the Contest.
  • has the right to use a photograph (if taken at a STATE-FISH ART function) of any contestant, without compensation, to administer
  • and promote the Contest.
  • retains ownership of all artwork entered in the Contest and may copy, modify, distribute and publicly display it.
  • can keep the winning entries for promotional and display purposes.
  • will return all non-winning entries (not part of a class submittal) if the entry includes a check for $5 to cover shipping & handling.
  • reserves the right to destroy unclaimed entries after one year.
  • will not insure entries it receives or be responsible for loss or damage of the entries.

The winning artists must provide autographs without charge to Wildlife Forever.

In order to promote the STATE-FISH ART Contest, products such as posters, prints, T-shirts, etc. may be produced from winning artwork.

Any monies realized from the sale or licensing of artwork and/or essays will support the Contest, aquatic conservation, and education

Full Information Click Here


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