Kids Sewing Contest

Available: National Contest

Age Groups: 4 to 6 Year Olds

We’ve had a lot of fun and wonderful talent in our past contest. You can share your projects month after month and enter to win!

If you are looking for sewing ideas on what to sew, here are some suggestions our readers are looking for that might get your creative juices flowing…

  • Beginner skirt or pant projects
  • Home decorations
  • Gifts to sew
  • Simple sewing projects for 4-6 years old
  • Summer projects
  • Bags and purses
  • Hats and scarfs
  • Doll clothes with patterns
  • Easy friendship no sew bracelets
  • Hair bands, barrettes or hair bows
  • Fun projects for kids using fat quarters
  • Reversible clothing projects
  • Pet clothes
  • Chicken pincushion
  • Stuffed doll toys
  • Simple clothing projects
  • More projects for advance teen sewers
  • Projects for boys
  • Easy hand sewing tutorials
  • hand sewn flowers with buttons
  • Unique and fun pillows

There are some great project ideas in this list so go ahead and get your sewing machines out or your hand sewing skills busy! You certainly don’t have to do something on this list the ideas above are just to give you ideas.

**If you are a sewing teacher this is a great way to get your students involved in creating and writing up their own project. If your a kid and love to sew write up your project and take pictures. However, you don’t have to be a kid to join the contest. See the rules below.

Go ahead and share with us your talent!

Here are the rules and requirements of this contest.

  • Whether you are a kid or are an adult with an easy sewing project for kids you are eligible to enter.
  • You must include understandable directions with at least 200 words.
  • Entry must include at least one picture to be eligible.
  • Your project must not appear on other websites.
  • You can enter as many projects as you’d like.
  • Contest will run until December 31.
  • You are welcome, and please do, view all entries, rate them and leave comments on others projects.
  • Winner will be chosen within a week after the contest ends.
  • When you have your project ready to submit, fill out the form below.

Kids Sewing Contest Prizes

Our First Prize Winner will win a copy of our Kids Sewing Curriculum Ebook, with over 100 of our projects together in a pdf document and ad free. – See more at:

and a * $25 Amazon gift card.
Our Second Prize Winner will win one of our Kids Sewing Camp Ebooks
sewing camp

~ Depending on participation we often choose honorable mentions with prizes to be announced.

Happy Sewing!
Debbie Madson, Web Publisher and Editor


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