Holiday Cards and Calendar Program Art

Available: USA Nationwide
Closing Date: 10/1/2014



Holiday Cards & Calendar Program Art Submission Guidelines for 2013 / 2014

2013 Holiday Cards and 2014 Calendar!

Yes, it’s time to think ‘the Holidays’ and get into a festive spirit!

All of the art for the cards and calendar is created by our own little artists – your children.

  • A $100 prize is awarded to each child whose art is chosen to become one of our 2013 Holiday cards.
  • A $100 prize is awarded to each child whose art is chosen to represent one or more months in the 2014 calendar. (Please note that it is possible your child’s artworks may represent more than one month in the calendar. Even if this occurs, the total prize for the calendar remains $100.)

And of course your child enjoys recognition in the card/calendar by the inclusion of a photo, his or her name, and a brief bio including their hobbies, hopes and dreams!

Be creative, have fun, and make this holiday season AMAZING!

This year we have created a digital Art Submission form which MUST accompany your art.


The form is a ‘smart PDF’ whcih allows you to fill in the blanks by typing in your details  right on your computer. Once you have completed all sections, print it (you may want two copies so that you can keep one.)

***Please be sure to complete the entire form and send it in the envelope with all of your art. Unfortunately, as this annual project is very large in scope and we receive hundreds of pieces of art from dozens of children, we regret that it is not possible for us to accept art submissions with missing or incomplete forms.

Please create your art on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper, preferably white (although colored paper will work as long as the medium applied to it provides enough contrast) and have the image created fill as much of the sheet as possible.

The Art Submission Form provides many ideas of the types of art we need this year. Please be sure to read it thoroughly and click on each art category (month, holiday, etc.) for which you will be submitting a piece of art.

Mail or bring us your art submission form, your art, and a clean, hi-resolution photo of your child we can use for the cards or calendar should they be chosen as one of our selected artists.

Children’s Cancer Center
Holiday Card Art
4901 W. Cypress St.
Tampa, FL 33607


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