Invent America – National Contest

Available: USA Nationwide

Closing Date: 6/15/2014

Enrolled members are eligible to submit entries in the annual national INVENT AMERICA! students invention contest! Entires are judged on the basis of creativity, usefulness, communication of ideas and research performed. Each enrolled Shool, home school or family may submit one entry per grade.


* 1st Place Winners – $1000 U.S Savings Bond And Award Certificate one first place prize is awarded at each level, kindergarten to eight

* 2nd Place Winners – $500 U.S Savings Bond And Award Certificate one second place prize is awarded at each grade level, kindergarten to eight

* 3rd Place Winners – $250 U.S Savings Bond And Award Certificate one third place prize is awarded at each grade level, kindergarten to eight

* Honorable Mention – $100 U.S Savings Bond And Award Certificate two honorable mention prizes is awarded at each grade level, kindergarten to eight


Students have displayed their inventions at the Smithsonaina institution, been guest, of congress, traveled to Japan to receive awards, and received congratulation from the President of the United States!

They have been the focus of the major media attention — great fun for all the kids and their schools! They have made the news in Reader’s Digest, Good Housekeeping, Teacher Magazine, Parenting, OMNI, Forbes, New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angles Times plus thousand of home town papers. Young inventors have delighted millions of viewers on The Today Show, Oprah, Winfrey, The Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, CNN, Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show.

* Winners will be announced the following Fall.

For More Information click Here

Kids Sewing Contest

Available: National Contest

Age Groups: 4 to 6 Year Olds

We’ve had a lot of fun and wonderful talent in our past contest. You can share your projects month after month and enter to win!

If you are looking for sewing ideas on what to sew, here are some suggestions our readers are looking for that might get your creative juices flowing…

  • Beginner skirt or pant projects
  • Home decorations
  • Gifts to sew
  • Simple sewing projects for 4-6 years old
  • Summer projects
  • Bags and purses
  • Hats and scarfs
  • Doll clothes with patterns
  • Easy friendship no sew bracelets
  • Hair bands, barrettes or hair bows
  • Fun projects for kids using fat quarters
  • Reversible clothing projects
  • Pet clothes
  • Chicken pincushion
  • Stuffed doll toys
  • Simple clothing projects
  • More projects for advance teen sewers
  • Projects for boys
  • Easy hand sewing tutorials
  • hand sewn flowers with buttons
  • Unique and fun pillows

There are some great project ideas in this list so go ahead and get your sewing machines out or your hand sewing skills busy! You certainly don’t have to do something on this list the ideas above are just to give you ideas.

**If you are a sewing teacher this is a great way to get your students involved in creating and writing up their own project. If your a kid and love to sew write up your project and take pictures. However, you don’t have to be a kid to join the contest. See the rules below.

Go ahead and share with us your talent!

Here are the rules and requirements of this contest.

  • Whether you are a kid or are an adult with an easy sewing project for kids you are eligible to enter.
  • You must include understandable directions with at least 200 words.
  • Entry must include at least one picture to be eligible.
  • Your project must not appear on other websites.
  • You can enter as many projects as you’d like.
  • Contest will run until December 31.
  • You are welcome, and please do, view all entries, rate them and leave comments on others projects.
  • Winner will be chosen within a week after the contest ends.
  • When you have your project ready to submit, fill out the form below.

Kids Sewing Contest Prizes

Our First Prize Winner will win a copy of our Kids Sewing Curriculum Ebook, with over 100 of our projects together in a pdf document and ad free. – See more at:

and a * $25 Amazon gift card.
Our Second Prize Winner will win one of our Kids Sewing Camp Ebooks
sewing camp

~ Depending on participation we often choose honorable mentions with prizes to be announced.

Happy Sewing!
Debbie Madson, Web Publisher and Editor


Kids Writing Contest – Kids Are Authors

Available: USA Nationwide
Closing Date: 3/15/2014

Kids Are Authors is an annual competition open to students in grades K–8 in the United States and U.S. international schools and is designed to encourage students to use their reading, writing, and artistic skills.Get the Kids Are Authors Entry Form.

Entries must be postmarked byMarch 15, 2014 for the 2014 Contest. Get the Entry Form now.

Under the guidance of a project coordinator, children work in teams of three or more students to write and illustrate their own book. The creative process of working in teams helps provide a natural environment to practice editing, teamwork, and communication skills necessary for future success. All students involved get a sense of pride and accomplishment from submitting the team project.

One Grand-Prize winning book will be published in each of these categories: Fiction and Nonfiction. The winning books will be published by Scholastic and sold at Book Fairs throughout the country.

Please go to the resources tab to find tips, hints, and information to help you get started.


• Entries must be written in picture book format for both Fiction and Nonfiction books.
• Make sure the text complements the artwork.
• Keep text pages separate from illustration pages. The text and illustrations will be combined in the pre-printing stage for the winning books. See format for submissions below.
• Before mailing your submission, make sure the pages of your book are in the proper order and number the pages lightly on the back.
• Do not use trademarked, brand name items, or licensed characters and products. (Mickey Mouse, Snickers, McDonald’s, Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo, etc.). The right to use such names is protected by law.
• You can create artwork using, paints, inks, crayons, markers, original computer graphics, cut paper, and print processes (such as linoleum block, silk screen, sponge painting, potato stamping, etc.).
• To maintain a constant look, it is best not to use too much variation in the media.
• Use bright, vibrant colors with bold lines to create reproducible illustrations that make a strong overall impression. In general, pencil drawings are not recommended.
• Create illustrations that fill most of the page by centering and enlarging the subject or including an appropriate background. Do not use newspaper print as a background.
• Consider making use of contrast in the artwork to create surprise and add life to pictures. Put dark colors next to light colors, thin lines next to thick lines, or use sharply contrasting figures.
Format for Submissions
• In order for your entry to be submitted into the contest, you must follow the required format for entries.
• All entries must contain illustrated artwork and be received in its original format.
• Three-dimensional artwork (pop-ups, flaps, movable parts, plasticine, etc.) will not be accepted.
• Artwork may be computer generated only if it is the students’ original creation.
• Use one side of the page only. Keep text separate from illustrated artwork.
• Artwork and text must be separate. A mock-up should also be included.
• Text may be typed, computer generated, or handwritten.
• Both text and artwork must be the sole creation of the students.
• Based on your design, use either 8 ½” x 11″ or 9″ x 12″ paper (we recommend that you submit your illustrations on art quality or construction paper).
• Do not staple, laminate, or bind the book.
Steps to Organize and Submit Your Entry
1. Organize original artwork in page order (mark page number on back) and place in a folder or envelope. Do not bind the pages.
2. Organize text pages in page order and number on the back to correspond with illustration page. Place in a folder or envelope. Do not bind the pages.
3. Provide cover art and a dedication page. These will not be counted as part of the page count.
4. A mock-up is intended to show how you want your book to look in its final form. Use photocopies of your original artwork and text to create your mock-up. Photocopies may be in black and white or color. Place bound mock-up in a folder or envelope.
5. Include the completed Entry Form. (PDF)
6. Send all of the above in a sturdy folder or box to the address listed on the entry form.
7. Each entry must be submitted separately following the above steps.
8. Remember that the entry should be the students’ work only. Try to limit inserting your opinions. Your role is to offer guidance, mediate, and provide instruction and examples of story elements, such as plot, theme, character development, and setting.

Letters About Literature Writing Contest

Available: USA Nationwide
Closing Date: 1/10/2014

Letters About Literature (LAL) is a national writing contest for students in grades 4 to 12 sponsored by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress.

LAL encourages young readers to write to the author of a book expressing how that book changed their view of themselves or the world. This contest not only promotes reading and writing, but also inspires creativity in young people and encourages them to be life-long readers. It develops critical reading and writing skills that students need to be successful both in their school careers and as adults. Fans of any genre, fiction or nonfiction, contemporary or the classics, are invited to participate, with the chance to receive awards and recognition at the state and national level.

Maryland winners are honored annually during CityLit Festival at the Enoch Pratt Free Library. An outstanding participating educator is also recognized at the ceremony with the Christine D. Sarbanes Teacher of the Year Award.

Photos by Nick Simko.

Click here to view our 2013 Letters About Literature Winners

Click here to view a list of 2013 Letters About Literature Finalists statewide.

2014 Competition levels:

  • Level 1 – Grades 4-6 (entries accepted December 1, 2013 – January 10, 2014)
  • Level 2 – Grades 7-8 (entries accepted December 1, 2013 – January 10, 2014)
  • Level 3 – Grades 9-12 (entries accepted November 1, 2013 – December 10, 2013)

Would you like to enter? The 2014 Entry Guidelines & Contest Theme can be found here

JFK Contest

Available: USA Nationwide
Closing Date: 2/1/2014

Compare the purposes of the article and the poem. What key ideas in the
article are reflected in the poem? Explain your answers in two paragraphs. Use text evidence to support your ideas. Five winners will each receive a copy of “The President Has Been Shot!” by James Swanson.

Entries will be judged on:

  • A clear central idea
  • A effective use of supporting
  • Evidence
  • A good organization and transitions
  • A originality
  • A grammar


Nonfiction Contest

Available: USA Nationwide

Make us laugh, move us to tears … write a fabulous, memorable nonfiction piece and you may be one of our two monthly winners. Eligible sections include: Nonfiction, Focus/Special Issue, College Essays, Heroes, Pride & Prejudice, Health, What Matters, and Sports.

Prizes : – 

Winning articles are published in Teen Ink magazine, and contest winners receive a copy of the magazine featuring their work. Plus, they’ll have the opportunity to choose from an exciting selection of Teen Ink merchandise – apparel and other items – available exclusively through Teen Ink.

Guidelines : – 

Teen Ink will only consider original writing by teens. Entries of all kinds are accepted – serious, funny, long or short. We like to read it all!

Submit entries through our website or by e-mail to All nonfiction works submitted to Teen Ink are automatically considered for the monthly contest. See our submission guidelines for more information.

Deadlines : –

There are no deadlines; entries are accepted throughout the year. Winning nonfiction pieces are published in Teen Ink magazine and online each month. Keep in mind if your submission has a seasonal or holiday theme, it’s best to send it in early.

Cover Art Contest

Available: USA Nationwide

Want your photo or artwork to appear on the cover of a national magazine? Submit your images now!


Every month one image is selected to appear on the cover of Teen Ink magazine. Winners receive a copy of Teen Ink magazine featuring their image. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from an exciting selection of Teen Ink merchandise – apparel and other items – available exclusively from Teen Ink.


Teen Ink will only consider photos and artwork by teens. Photos should be primarily of other teens. The best photos for the cover areclear, in color, and close-up.

Submit entries through our website or by e-mail to All photographs and artwork submitted to Teen Ink are automatically considered. See our submission guidelines for more information.


There are no deadlines; images are accepted and published throughout the year. Keep in mind if your submission has a seasonal or holiday theme, it’s best to send it in early.